Partner with a real estate agent you trust; one who knows their market and puts your interests at the top of their list.

Finding your place to vacation, your rental property, or your new primary residence is difficult if you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you want to buy. How do you find a property in your budget and in a neighborhood that meets the items on your wish list? The fact is, shopping for a home when you’re out of state will always include additional stresses, but adding a trusted real estate agent to your team can eliminate many of the problems you would have to figure out alone.

Orchid Realty Group’s out of state clients work with us because of our years of experience in Southwest Florida. You may have first fallen in love with Southwest Florida’s picturesque shorelines and idyllic winter climate from one of our favorite stress free vantage points: being a tourist. Now, you’ve decided to call Florida home, and we know there’s a lot to consider and more at stake with your new investment. You want to live in a great neighborhood, and there are many great neighborhoods in Southwest Florida. How do you find the one that’s right for you? That’s where Orchid Realty can help, especially using our list of Top Rated Gated Communities in Southwest Florida.

There’s a lot of general information online about this year’s housing market. You may have read from the National Association of Realtors website that the average home listing remains on the market for 39 days. What does this mean to an out of state home buyer? General facts will only get you so far. Your local real estate agent will give you specifics about the area you want live. Orchid Realty can help you understand details related to taxes and fees, home values, and price changes in Southwest Florida. For instance, new construction and new business growth is creating new desirable locations to call home in our area. This is making it advantageous to buy in areas where outdated satellite images and street views might show only a tree line. Our page on new construction in Southwest Florida is regularly updated, and we recommend keeping it as a reference.

With everything you have to do to find a home in Florida, make sure meeting with a real estate agent is one of the first items on your list. Please fill out our contact form if you’re interested in scheduling a helpful call to learn how Orchid Realty can make this process the easiest way to buy a home in Florida. You can also just give us a call at 239-849-2230. We’re here to help.18200 Via Bellamare Aerial 9553