Top Realtor Debunks Real Estate Myths in Southwest Florida

As a top producing real estate team in the Southwest Florida market, we often encounter buyers and sellers who have a misconception about the local market or the services Realtors provide. There are three myths that we deal with most often and I’ve debunked them here:

Myth 1: As a buyer, I’ll do the home search process myself so I don’t have to pay a real estate agent’s commission.

Debunked: In Southwest Florida (as it is in most parts of the US and world) the seller pays the commission on both sides of the transaction. As a buyer your right to be professionally represented and have the expertise of a Realtor on your side comes free of charge. Choose wisely and pick someone who knows the lay of the land. In Southwest Florida, we have a vast geography so an agent who specializes in Venice and Sarasota will most likely not be familiar and knowledgeable with Naples and Bonita Springs. Check out your Realtor’s website and make sure your area of interest is covered by their purview. For instance, we specialize in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples. Also, ask questions and answer your Realtor’s questions. If they are going to find you the home of your dreams be sure you accurately tell them what you are looking for and what you can afford!

Myth 2: If I want to live on or near the water I better be a billionaire!

Debunked: While it’s generally true that the closer you get to blue in Southwest Florida, the more green you’ll need to pony up – we do have many affordable waterfront or very close to water homes. The homes for sale in Cape Coral and Fort Myers offer an abundance of residential options near or overlooking the water that will knock your socks off but not burn a hole in your pockets! You can also choose a boating community and keep a boat at your private dock or a nearby boat/yacht club and access the great outdoors and some of Southwest Florida’s finest shelling, waterfront dining, shopping, etc any day of the week. Let us show you the blue and you tell us if you’ve got enough green for it!

Myth 3: If I live in a Southwest Florida gated community, the fees I pay will be absurd.

Debunked: I’m not going to sugarcoat it, we do have very luxurious and expensive top rated gated communities in Southwest Florida. BUT, we also have affordable homes in affordable communities. Many of the Homeowner Associations even include the lawn and landscaping maintenance, cable, internet, pest control and access to community amenities such as resort style pools and tiki bars, tennis, fitness centers, spas and more! It’s difficult to recommend communities without knowing your threshold for quarterly or monthly fees. Tell us what you’re willing to pay for HOA fees and what kind of amenities you hope to have access to and we’ll find you homes inside the Southwest Florida communities that fit the bill.

Hopefully you’re seeing a trend from these three common myths that I’ve debunked. Real estate in Southwest Florida is affordable, accessible, and can be purchased by you while you are represented by a professional Realtor, like me! Send me an email and let’s setup a time to discuss your Southwest Florida real estate needs.