puppy-1340078Get the pooper scoop on pet friendly living in Southwest Florida!

We work with buyers and renters all the time who have a dog (or 4) or a few cats and need to determine whether they can move into a certain condo or neighborhood and what quality of life Fido or Fancy will have when their owner makes the move to Southwest Florida. The truth is that we're moving more and more toward very pet friendly living in Southwest Florida.

Many of our restaurants and shops/malls are outdoors and welcoming to furry friends. They often have water stations, bowls for use, bags for picking up after your friends, etc. ready to provide to pet lovers. As long as your pets are well behaved, bringing them out in public is acceptable and often times welcomed. They may also meet some nice friends while out! Southwest Florida also has several dog beaches, parks, and play areas that are a great pass-time on the weekends.

So where do we come in? Not all homeowner's associations and neighborhoods are pet friendly or they may have limits on your pet allotment. Perhaps it's a weight limit or a quantity/breed limit or they may only allow cats or dogs and no other animals. We can help provide guidance on which Southwest Florida neighborhoods, communities, and subdivisions allow pets and what limits exist. Drop us a line about your pet(s) and Southwest Florida real estate - we look forward to helping you find a great home for you and Fido!