Having to search for a home out of state can be difficult. Advantages at your disposal when looking for a home in a town or city you have lived in for years are no longer available once you decide to shop out of state, such as knowing where the good school systems are located, how property taxes have changed, and where that one of a kind home can be found. No matter where you live and where you want to buy a home, Orchid Realty wants to help you find a realtor who is able to help.

Orchid Realty serves home buyesmall jen purplers in Southwest Florida, a part of the United States that attracts many out of state home buyers every year. If you’re looking to buy a home in our part of the country, we hope you will contact us as you interview realtors. No matter where you are buying a home, these four tips from Orchid’s staff will help you evaluate and work with a realtor that will be your most valuable resource.


  1. Choose a Realtor with a Network of Contacts

Rather than make ten separate calls to different businesses and services providers you will need as part of buying a home, make just one call – to a well-connected realtor. It’s important to work with a real estate team that has cultivated the contacts who can help you during any phase of the home buying process. Orchid Realty’s relationships with interior designers, attorneys, general contractors, handymen, and roofers make it so our clients save time. Our strong network of service related people become our buyer’s network so they have peace of mind on who to call once they move in to their beautiful home or even before the closing like working with an attorney or lender. Make sure you choose a realtor with a list of vendors and service providers who are local to the area.

TIP: While a realtor may not want to share their entire list of contacts, it’s not out of the question to ask for a few contacts that you can reach out to independently and evaluate on your own.

  1. Find a Realtor Who Understands Your Lifestyle

People buy homes with different intentions. Make sure your realtor understands yours. Buyers should work with a real estate team that has agents who can relate to the lifestyle you want to create in your new home, a person who understands why you are buying: for leisure, for family, as an investment. In Southwest Florida a home buyer will need to know the options a home in a gated community brings versus ungated neighborhoods. Orchid Realty has designated agents that focus on gated communities, golf communities, properties close to the beach, and even starter homes or luxury condos. A realtor should align you with a property based on your needs, and the best way to guarantee you’re getting this is to work with a realtor who has been down that road before.

TIP: Before sharing your favorite neighborhoods (if you have them), ask your potential realtor to share theirs. See if these recommendations match the area you have in mind.  

  1. Look for Great Communication at the Start

Buyers should work with real estate agents that know how to work remotely, which includes promptly responding to messages: email, phone calls, and texts. It’s possible to buy a home out of state, from home tours to closing, without ever boarding a plane. This only works if your realtor is a great extension at helping you from afar. We all have different communication styles, even real estate agents. Some of us know how to leverage digital communication to overcome the challenges of working with the home buyer who is not face to face.

TIP: Never feel pressured to stick with a realtor if the communication begins to break down. As deadlines loom and documents start to stack up, you want to make sure you feel like you’re a realtor’s top priority.

  1. A Realtor with an Intricate Knowledge of the Areas is Essential


All cities and towns have their quirks. Some homes are part of a historic districts and include construction restrictions. Other home, like those in Florida, have Home Owners Associations (HOA) and rules to follow as part of a gated community. These nuances can be confusing to buyers not familiar with their area of interest. It’s best to know about these details in advance, so you can make informed purchasing decisions. The only way that will happen is by working with a realtor who has an intricate knowledge of the area.


TIP: At your first meeting with a potential real estate agent, always ask about the special considerations that a home buyer must weigh to live in your specific area of interest.

We can’t overstate how important it is to evaluate an out of state realtor before deciding to work with them. A great looking website or well-spoken sales person isn’t all it takes to make your home buying process a success. Those are good sign posts to guide you toward a fantastic realtor, but make sure to go the extra mile in getting to know the person on the other side of the phone call or Skype conference call. If you find yourself in need of a realtor in Southwest Florida, give a realtor from Orchid Realty a call: 239-849-2230. We’d love to be among those you consider to help you buy a home in Southwest Florida.