distance from tv to couch

Place the Right Amount of Space

Are any of the pictures in your home hanging a little too high? Do you have to reach behind to access the toilet paper? Do your eyes hurt after a movie marathon because your sofa is too far from the TV?

These are common problems we all have in our own homes or have seen in someone else’s home. Did you know that there are proper distances for decorating and design elements in your home?

In the June issue of HGTV Magazine, a helpful guide was featured in the Design by the Numbers section.

Q: How much space should exist between the bed and nightstand?

A: 2 inches ensures that the furniture doesn’t look too crowded but is close enough that you can reach your alarm clock.


Q: How much space should be present between pictures in a wall grouping?

A: 2 inches is ideal both vertically and horizontally between each picture.


Q: What is the ideal height for the toilet paper holder?

A: 26-28 inches works best for no awkward stretching!


Q: How much space should be between the couch and TV?

A: 72 inches is ideal for optimal TV viewing. If you have a high-def TV, multiply the screen’s diagonal measurement by 1.5 and use that number.


Q: How high should a picture or mirror be hung?

A: 60 inches from the floor to the center of the item will give you the best height. If everyone in your family is 6 feet and taller then you may want to hang items slightly higher.


Q: How high should a chandelier be hung?

A: 66 inches from the floor to the bottom of the fixture is ideal. This should leave plenty of room for a nice centerpiece and still gives strong lighting.