DIY Has Never Been So Easy

Do you have some shabby furniture sitting around that could look fabulous if you spruced it up. Maybe you've spotted a diamond in the rough at a flea market or garage sale and just kept walking...

I'm here to tell you that affordable paint projects that look amazing can absolutely be accomplished. Check out these inspirational posts on HGTV magazine to get your creative juices flowing.

Here is one from my personal paint project portfolio. A friend taught me this paint technique. Paint your object, in this case a hollow door from the Home Depot and two workbench horses, with a lighter base coat. Then take a cheap paint brush and cut the bristles half way off picking out as many loose hairs as you can. Use the brush to push a dark stain across the surface. The result is a natural looking wood grain. Depending on the colors you use it could be more of an antique look (with gray and black).

affordable paint project

Up-close view of the faux wood grain. Up-close view of the faux wood grain.

The hardest part will be refraining from painting every surface in your home with this technique - enjoy!